Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice was last updated on 1.1.2020.

This Privacy Notice explains how Fjuul processes your personal data. Your privacy is very important to us and Fjuul is committed to protecting your privacy and to complying with applicable data protection and privacy laws. In case you have any questions concerning data protection at Fjuul, please contact:


The Fjuul App collects data on your physical activities, and using particular algorithms translates this data into universal energy points (so-called Fjuul points). The calculation of Fjuul points is based on the intensity and duration of your activity. This allows you to consistently compare your days and progress, pursue goals that suit your fitness level or ambition, and compare your progress with others. You can use the Fjuul points as currency in selected Fjuul partnership programs, and redeem your points for rewards, either online or offline. 


Data provided by you

When you start using the Fjuul App you are requested to register and create a user account (the Fjuul Account). For that purpose we ask you to provide us with your name and email address that are used to authenticate you, enable you to use the Fjuul App and enable us to communicate with you.

Information on your height, weight, gender and birth date are also required as part of your registration process. This information is needed for optimizing the allocation of Fjuul points. In the Fjuul App you can give additional information in your profile, such as types of activities (e.g. walking, running, cycling, cardio etc.). This data is also used for optimizing the allocation of Fjuul points from your training sessions.

Data collected from fitness devices or applications 

The Fjuul App starts collecting data after you have created your Fjuul Account, installed the Fjuul App to your mobile device, and enabled collection of data from fitness device or application. When you enable collection of data from a fitness device or application, Fjuul starts to receive data collected by that device or application. Data is collected as long as a source device or application is on and you have enabled collection of data from that device or application.  

The exact data types collected from a fitness device depend on the features of the devices you use and the data collection choices you have made on those devices. For example, if you have not allowed monitoring of heart beat on your fitness device, Fjuul does not collect data on your heart rate. 

The following types of data can be collected from most supported devices: 

  • Type of activity (e.g. running, cycling, swimming, walking)
  • duration of activity
  • distance covered during activity 
  • number of steps taken or floors climbed
  • estimated consumed calories
  • your training goals 
  • heart rate
  • stress level
  • workout intensity
  • workout summaries

We also collect following information relating to your fitness device:

  • device type, 
  • device id, 
  • operating system, 
  • IP address


We use your personal data to:

Service delivery

Information collected during the registration and the use of the Fjuul App is needed to

  • create your Fjuul account and manage its use, 
  • analyse the monitored physical movements and provide you with services contained in the Fjuul App 
  • enable the conversion of collected fitness data to Fjuul points 

Provide you product information and marketing

Contact information and the use of the Fjuul App are used for

  • informing you of updates and new features in App
  • letting you know of ongoing challenges and benefits

If you don’t want to receive any communication from us, you can anytime opt-out from emails or disable push notifications from your profile.

Service and business development and fraud prevention

We analyse the usage of the App and it’s features and collect data of the device you use to be able to

  • develop the Fjuul App’s features and services and the algorithms used
  • further develop the usability and user experience
  • provide product support
  • correct problems and errors
  • prevent and investigate fraud and other criminal activities.


Data is collected and processed based on your consent and in order to provide you with the Fjuul fitness app service in accordance with the service contract between you and Fjuul. Data processing for marketing activities, for communicating news on use of Fjuul, and for service development and fraud detection activities is based on Fjuul’s legitimate interest to keep you informed of the features of the App and existing reward programs, and to develop the service and resolve problems. You have the possibility to opt-out from receiving marketing and service-related news communications.

You can manage your consents in the Fjuul app. The following data processing activities require your consent:

  • Collection of data from an external fitness device or application. The provision of the Fjuul service is not possible without collection of data from an external fitness device or application. Therefore you cannot use Fjuul without consenting to data collecting from an external device or application. 
  • Disclosure of your Fjuul point count or a report of your fitness activity based on Fjuul point count to a partner (such as an insurance company) in accordance with the terms of a partnership program. You can withdraw your consent for partner disclosure at any time, but this may affect the cumulation of rewards in accordance with the rules of that program. 


Data collection stops when user account is no longer active or it has no active fitness sources connected to it. Data is no longer processed in identifiable form when user account is deleted or deactivated.

Data is collected as long as collection from a source device is enabled and the source device is on and your Fjuul Account is active. The account is considered to be active as long as we get new data into the App. If you close the background processing mode or uninstall the Fjuul App, the data collecting will stop. Your personal data will be deleted 200 days after this. 


Disclosure of personal information refers to situations where your personal information is provided for another independent controller. We will comply with applicable data protection laws and applicable criteria for the disclosure of personal data.

We share your personal data with the parties indicated below and for the following reasons:

  • Customers and reward partners in accordance with customer or partnership agreements
  • Strategic partners. To obtain the best benefits of the Fjuul App, you may choose to sync some of your Fjuul App’s data with a third party application. In such case we will share your personal data with that application.


We do not knowingly collect personal data of children under the age of 13. We request that children under the age of 13 do not register an account and we will take steps to delete any such data if such collection would come to our knowledge.


You can request access to and rectification or erasure of your personal data, data portability, restriction of processing of your personal data, and you have the the right to object to processing of your personal data.

You can modify and correct any personal data you have given when using the Fjuul App by logging into your Fjuul Account. 

To request access to, portability or erasure of your personal data, or to delete your Fjuul account, please contact us by using the feedback function at

You have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory data protection authority. The Finnish data protection authority can be contacted at:


Our systems are firewall protected. We also use encryption techniques and authentication procedures to maintain the security of your personal data and prevent unauthorized access to your Fjuul Account and our systems.

Authorized Fjuul personnel and service providers who are granted access to personal data are required to keep such data confidential.

Your data will only be processed by persons who have the right to do it and who, due to their duties, need to process it. Authorized Fjuul personnel who are granted access to personal data are required to keep such data confidential. Your personal data may also be processed by service providers based on our instructions and in compliance with our Privacy Notice.


Fjuul does not transfer or disclose your data outside the EU/EEA without appropriate safeguards.


Fjuul reserves the right to update this Privacy Notice from time to time. When we post changes to this Privacy Notice we will modify the date of the update at the top of this Privacy Notice.


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