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With the Fjuul engagement platform companies can launch new digital offerings without heavy IT integration or development work. Fjuul is delivered as a full turnkey Software as a Service solution (SaaS) and has all elements you need to literally launch smart insurance in one day.

The Fjuul App is available as a white label version and also as an SDK (Software Development Kit) that brings smart tracking and analytics into existing apps.

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Our approach – the science behind Fjuul

Fjuul acts as a data hub and custodian for data collection and analytics to provide personalized coaching, data interpretation, and recommendation of actions, such as dynamic pricing, underwriting, and personalised products
and services.

The Fjuul algorithm converts motion from physical activities with any given smart device, or an external app, into scientifically validated units called MET (metabolic equivalents of tasks) and VO2max and fitness age. Fjuul translates these into intensity classes, healthy minutes, and Fjuul Points. Hereby Fjuul can offer personalized goals like the minimum amount of physical activity required for leading an active lifestyle and more advanced guidance for optimizing training and performance to improve cardio fitness.

Since Fjuul Points represent a validated and scientifically accepted metric, they can be considered a Currency of Healthy Activities. Fjuul Points can be used for campaigns and rewards, such as better insurance deals, other benefits, and wider loyalty schemes.


Coaching & training
Benefits & rewards

Embracing simplicity, transparency and validated impact, Fjuul provides insurers with an easy to access tool for measurable results.

Benefits for insurers

Increase sales and retention

Fjuul enables tailored, more relevant and compelling offerings, avoids churn, and allows for cross and upselling options. Engaged customers create more touch points and personal interaction.

Reduce claim and risks

Healthy customers with better cardiovascular fitness lead to lower risk profiles and claims costs. More interaction can trigger preventative measures before medical events occur.

Excite customers

Fjuul enables new service offerings and business models, attracting new customer segments and younger demographics.

Benefits for users

Improve health

Get guidance on how to reach a healthy dose of physical activity. Fjuul optimizes training and performance based on individual fitness levels and adapts to users over time and their shape – a perpetual fitness coach.

Personalized services

Receive relevant products and services. Fjuul provides incentives for an active lifestyle, combining financial security and physical wellbeing.

Save money

Get better insurance deals, rewards and special offers that can be earned with healthy activities.

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