Make each move count

Instantly see the health impacts of your movements with one comparable number.

Learn how to make smarter moves and turn your everyday activities into exercise.

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Calculate steps! Calculate steps! Calculate steps! Calculate steps! Calculate steps!

Measure what matters

Fjuul Points measure your day in a way that simple steps and calories alone can’t. Compare all your activities with universal energy points and fairly share with others.

Calculate steps! Calculate steps! Calculate steps! Calculate steps!

Count it all

Get all your daily activities silently recorded in the background and automatically split into moving, walking, and running.

Moving, walking, running

Move smarter

Always know how intensively you are moving. Now you can see activities that make an impact and learn which daily routines positively influence your health.

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See your progress

Learn what works best for you - follow personal goals to keep you going.

Share your experience with friends!

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Enjoy the benefits

Fjuul provides an easier, smarter and more accessible option for anyone that wants to enjoy a more active healthy lifestyle.

Fjuul is the first app that combines all the benefits of activity trackers and mobile apps with a unique self-learning approach, so you can become your own coach.


Frequently asked questions

  • How does Fjuul work?

    Fjuul uses our proprietary technology and algorithms to recognize motion based on accelerometer, sensor and contextual location data – this makes it extremely power efficient and doesn’t disturb your phone use or your battery life. Fjuul knows the intensity of your movements and automatically tells you when your activity level is high enough to have real impacts on your health. Only those activities are then displayed on the Fjuul counter.

  • Why do you use Fjuul Points?

    Fjuul Points are based on so-called Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET), expressing the energy cost of physical activities. It is widely accepted and used as a universal measure in health and fitness science. Counting steps is often limited and doesn't include casual activities. Counting calories doesn't account for the fact that people don't burn calories at the same rate. For example, a large person will burn more calories than a small person even though they are doing the same level of activity. Fjuul fairly measures the activity levels of all individuals when compared to one another. It’s more appropriate than steps and calories to compare your different activities and to share your results and progress with your friends.

    For more info:
    Metabolic Equivalent
    Compendium of Physical Activities

  • Which activities and movements does Fjuul assess?

    Fjuul captures activities based on your body movement and motions. So if you have the phone in your trouser or jacket pocket, it recognizes all those casual activities you perform during a day, like moving around the house or in the office, doing some gardening or home work, playing with the kids, shopping, dancing and the likes – Fjuul will not be completely accurate for activities such as weightlifting, rowing or activities where the phone can’t realistically capture your body movements and motions. Still, you get acknowledged for being active if you wear your phone during such activities.

  • Where should I keep my phone?

    In order to most accurately capture your movements, you should keep your phone in a position that represents your current movement. Typically, it works well by just keeping it in trouser pockets or jacket.

  • What’s the difference between Moving and Walking?

    Typically you only spend a fraction of your time dedicated to walking or running. You also move around the house or the office, play with the kids or the pets, or do leisure activities like dancing or general fitness training. Fjuul includes these movements in a separate activity class, shown in the app as ‘Moving’. Walking in turn, is considered a continuous and frequent action and Fjuul only shows you the time that you have been actively walking, for instance over a longer time period without breaks.

  • Is Fjuul suitable for weight loss and dietary routines?

    Yes, but it depends on your approach. Fjuul gives you a clear view of your daily burn and activity time, which is then converted to your personal calories spent. We believe that Fjuul can work to give you a good visualization of your daily energy levels and how small changes can affect your life. It helps you to establish healthier regimes by showing your trends over time that move towards your goals. Fjuul encourages motivation and supports a self-learning experience, but it is not intended to be used for acquiring complicated statistical data.

  • I have a question or suggestion. Who do I contact?

    Please visit our support section on the website.